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Top 10 Lesser Known Haunts


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Episode  ·  1:14:45  ·  Nov 13, 2021


Thanks to all of the endless number of paranormal shows on TV and streaming services, it really seems like there’s no haunted location that hasn’t been investigated at least twice, and some of them have been investigated to death. I’m sure there’s a handful out there that the masses don’t know about – those secret places, known only to the local paranormal teams, that produce great investigations. We need to keep those places secret, because all the others are in danger of being investigated out. In other words, I think they’ve been investigated so much that the paranormal activity is in danger of being basically sucked dry. However, besides those secret places, there are a few public places that, though they have seen their fair-share of investigations, aren’t all that well known. So, tonight, I’ll be counting down my top-10 lessor known haunted places around the world. Some of these you might have heard of, others not. To learn more, you’ll have to Turn On, Tune In, & Find Out!

1h 14m 45s  ·  Nov 13, 2021

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