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Can stories work even for Children with Special Needs? Will Children with profound or severe Special Needs understand stories? Can Stories work as a coping tool for Children with Special Needs? Or do they have the power of catering to their sensory needs? Can they just be used as a technique for the modification of undesirable behaviors? Or are they a potential tool to HELP them reach their full potential? To Huaa Yon is first of its kind podcast that is here to empower Special Needs Educators, Teachers, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Storytellers, Parents, and Caregivers of Children with Special Needs in tapping into the powerful world of stories to help them reach their real potential. On this podcast, host Sharlie Wason shares useful and easy techniques, resources, and stories and accompanies you on your journey of helping Children with Special Needs with communication, social, emotional, sensory, or academic difficulties. Subscribe/Follow the podcast if your heart beats for someone with Special Needs! **About the Host:** Sharlie Wason is a Mother, an innovative Teacher, Edupreneur, and Founder of To Huaa Yon, an academic and therapeutic support company for children with Special Needs. She is also a Polyglot and a natural story-weaver ever since she was a little girl. A cherished ex-Lecturer (with M.Phil. and All India Rank 1 in NET with JRF) and a distinguished ex-Bureaucrat, at present she is a passionate Rehabilitation Professional (with a specialized Degree in Autism Spectrum Disorder), whose heart beats for children with Special Needs. An eternal learner, Sharlie is also certified in:- - Storytelling (India) - Writing Therapeutic Stories (Australia) - Storytelling in Special Needs Classrooms (Singapore) - Using Social and Emotional Learning in Classrooms (The Teacher Foundation) - Narrative Therapy (India) - Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (U.K.) - Child & Adolescent Mental Health (India) **Connect with the host at:** LinkedIn:- Youtube:- EMail:-

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