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Time for a Change?

Political Dad

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Episode  ·  33:34  ·  Sep 11, 2023


In this riveting episode, Political Dad delves deep into the maze of American politics, focusing on the age-old struggle between the entrenched elite and the new blood pushing for change. Starting off by shedding light on a joint statement by presidential libraries, Political Dad exposes the hidden anxieties of the DC insiders, questioning their true motives and the effectiveness of their governance. He goes on to question the role of aging political leaders, humorously dubbing them the "Geriatric Brigade," and wonders if they are really attuned to the needs and challenges of 21st-century America. Special segments include the much-anticipated "Graffiti," featuring commentary on AOC and a guest appearance from "AI Jimmy," and Political Dad's take on the complex personalities of Donald Trump, Vivek, and RFK Jr. The episode concludes with some classic "dad jokes," leaving listeners both thoughtful and entertained. Tune in for a balanced, unfiltered look at American politics from the dad's-eye view. Stay sharp, America! Portions of the show use AI.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

33m 34s  ·  Sep 11, 2023

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