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As a teenager or young adult, you are in this exciting phase of life where you experiment and experience new things. And it is likely that you are overloaded with information, judgments, and confusion that are stealing away the fun from the magical years of your life. You are constantly navigating through a mix of unrealistic parental expectations, endless academic pressure, peer influence, and the perplexing world of social media. Through this podcast, we are providing you with the space, knowledge, and wisdom that can help you revive your originality, zest, and ability to take decisions and handle your daily life challenges with a fresh perspective. The host, Dr. Smita Dipankar, Teen Life Coach and Consultant Anaesthesiologist with 19+ years of experience in the field, is here to talk to you about everything from emotional well-being to self-esteem to elevating academic performance to developing critical thinking skills and more. Follow The Simplifying Teenage podcast to celebrate your magical years! Our mailing address is

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