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The Consequences of Over-Investigating


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Episode  ·  48:28  ·  Apr 16, 2022


Paranormal hotspos have given us lots of fantastic evidence of the paranormal, from pictures of mysterious orbs, class A EVPs, videos of strange mists, abnormal EMF readings, unexplained temperature changes and even the elusive full-bodied apparitions. But are these places now in danger of losing all these paranormal events that made them famous because the paranormal community is investigating them too much? Are paranormal investigators literally sucking the life-force energy out of the ghosts and spirits who live there? After all, it has to take a lot of energy for these things to manifest themselves in the first place, but what’s happening to them with night-after-night of a seemingly endless amount of people coming through their homes, asking them to show themselves, speak, move objects, or do some other crazy thing on demand? Can all the activities of the living be depleting the energy of the dead?

48m 28s  ·  Apr 16, 2022

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