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Hey there! Welcome to "Suman vs Human," the podcast that's all about chilling and chatting about the weird and wonderful world of us humans. I'm your host, Suman Bhokray a Visually Impaired but not blind, and each Monday, we're diving headfirst into what makes us tick, laugh, and maybe even roll our eyes a little.No need for fancy jargon or a stiff upper lip here. We're all about keeping it real and having a good time. We'll explore the ups and downs, quirks, and quirky stories that make us uniquely human. It's like grabbing a cup of coffee with your funniest and most insightful friend.So, whether you're just curious, in need of a good laugh, or searching for that "ah-ha" moment, "Suman vs Human" is your laid-back Monday meetup.Tune in, hit that subscribe button, and let's hang out as we navigate the rollercoaster ride of human existence together.Target Audience:This podcast is for those who love a good, relaxed chat about life's quirks. No pretense, just a genuine conversation about what it means to be human. Come join the laid-back fun!

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