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9 years, ~320 episodes.4 co-hosts, 6 producers, so many folks behind the scenes.Some 50 guests, thousands (!) of listeners, hundreds of thousands (!!!!) of downloads. Well, folks, it's time for the curtains to fall on our little show. Simblified started as an exercise to stave off some boredom long back in Malad with nothing more than the voice recorded app on an Android phone, and our idea of sound engineering was turning off the fan. Along the way, we've collected two more co-hosts and apparently many fans! It's finally time to bid goodbye. But before we go, we owe you one final episode and it's an absolute doozy and dare I say our most emotional one yet. We delve into the reasons why we're stopping the show, what each of us has taken away from hosting it, and importantly, what more we are up to. Because we don't intend to stop creating content anytime soon - the Simblified Cinematic Universe will include new podcasts, newsletters, books (!), and who knows what else. The four hosts remain massive friends and there's no doubt something involving a combination will surface somewhere soon. The episode also features some absolutely touching voice notes from fans and folks who made the show possible. On that note, a massive shout out to our partners at IVM Podcasts, without whom this show would have probably died 300 episodes ago. Thank you to everyone who listened, and recommended, and wrote in to us. We joke that there were 5 Simblified listeners, but we know there are many more. Some of you have even come up to us at music festivals, some have made joke websites for us, and for many of you it's part of your Monday schedule! We're genuinely humbled and thrilled that we had such an impact on your lives and apparently the entire podcasting ecosystem. Our social links are below. Follow us to keep up with what we're doing - stuff is going to come really soon :) Chuck: https://twitter.com/chuck_gopal | https://instagram.com/chuckofalltradesNaren: https://twitter.com/shenoyn | https://www.instagram.com/shenoynvSrikeit: https://twitter.com/srikeit | https://www.instagram.com/srikeit/Tony: https://twitter.com/notytony | https://www.instagram.com/notytony/ Current parts of the Simblified Cinematic Universe: Tony's cricket podcast, Bits & Pieces: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcIJxVpUbg05A2bAOcX6uqATony & Nitin's fun Simblifiedesque podcast, Leftover Lasagne: https://www.youtube.com/@theleftoverlasagne/videosChuck's newsletter, Things of Internet: https://thingsofinternet.substack.com/ (More coming soon - very soon) Thank you, everyone, once again.Stay safe, stay ultracrepidarian, stay Simblified.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

2h 12m 14s  ·  Apr 3, 2024

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