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Settle the Solar System explains, in detail, the frontier-enabling technology and techniques necessary for the permanent settlement of the Moon and throughout the Solar system. If you’re interested in space and want to know how we’re going to live there, then this is the show for you. You don’t have to have advanced degrees to enjoy the show. While the show has a lot of detail, everything is explained. Ben Smith, founder and lead researcher of Lunar Homestead, is your host at Settle the Solar System. Lunar Homestead is researching the tech that will enable anyone to permanently settle on the Moon or anywhere in the Solar system. You can learn more about Lunar, and space, settlement and Lunar Homesteading at Or drop me a line at if you have any questions. Who knows, I might just answer your question in the next show! Weekly show topics include: • The tech needed for permanent settlement • The science behind the tech • Adapting Lunar Homesteading tech for use on Mars and other locations • Interviews with experts working on specific settlement tech (infrequently) • Answers to listener questions (send me an email and ask a question!). New episodes are released every Thursday at 2am Pacific time. That way listeners on the East coast can get their space fix while they start their day. Bonus episodes covering the current Lunar Homestead research, the Lunar Homestead concept, why settle the Moon, and other topics are also frequently released. The goals for each episode are for you to leave: • More knowledgeable about space settlement technology and space science • More excited about the possibility of a future with thousands of unique settlements scattered throughout the Solar system • More inspired to take action and become an active participant in this Grand Adventure. Settle the Solar System is free and can be found on popular podcast apps such as: • Apple Podcasts • Spotify • Google Podcasts • Amazon Music. Or you can directly access through the RSS feed - We’ve got a short window to become a solar species and we’re going to need people like you to make it happen. So, let’s get started. This is Settle the Solar System. Sources used for each episode are listed in the Show Notes and on the show page at the Lunar Homestead website ( Music - Epicaly by LiteSaturation -

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