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S2E1 - Like That Everything is Something

No New Notifications from Kanan & Manek

Episode   ·  70 Plays

Episode  ·  70 Plays  ·  58:40  ·  Sep 13, 2021


Click this to buy The NOT Golden Zero! (so that Tim runs out of stock) In this perfectly peaceful universe, Kanan & Manek devise a new strategy to deal with the NOT Golden Zero, brainstorm upcoming features of the official NNN app, define more rules of Modern Etiquette, leap over some games you’ve invented, consider the more unlikely of segs, and have a calm and friendly discussion about multiple timelines.   Contribute at hello@nonewnotifications.com  NNN Official App (Android & iOS) : Download Visit our website if you're that kinda person www.nonewnotifications.com Opening Music (Arranged, Produced, Mixed and Salted) by Jonathan Wesley at www.jonathanwesleymusic.com

58m 40s  ·  Sep 13, 2021

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