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S27-32 It’s Shoelace Time

No New Notifications from Kanan & Manek

Episode   ·  81 Plays

Episode  ·  81 Plays  ·  1:15:47  ·  May 23, 2022


After some extensive inter-dimensional travel, Kanan & Manek return to establish more rules of Modern Etiquette, play a brutal quiz about Elden Ring, celebrate the biggest Winners among us, read your socially disturbing and Maximum Cringe stories, receive a package containing the podcast’s brand new postage stamps, and finally, reveal the results of the Official Democratic Elections for the Unofficial NNN SubReddit. Click this to buy The NOT Golden Zero! (so that Tim runs out of stock) Contribute at hello@nonewnotifications.com (make sure to attach the NNN postage stamp to all your emails for proper & safe delivery) NNN Official App (Android & iOS) : Download Visit our website if you're that kinda person www.nonewnotifications.com Opening Music (Arranged, Produced, Mixed and Salted) by Jonathan Wesley at www.jonathanwesleymusic.com Additional Music: Hundred Years in Hellheim by Tri-Tachyon 

1h 15m 47s  ·  May 23, 2022

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