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S17-20 The Floor is Yours

No New Notifications from Kanan & Manek

Episode   ·  78 Plays

Episode  ·  78 Plays  ·  54:24  ·  Dec 16, 2021


Seasons of NNN now have more context as KG and MD announce which particular popular shows they have surpassed, reveal a thoughtful gift for Manek, debate the generosity of the LateBank, investigate a suspiciously quiet subreddit, curl up with some Maximum Cringe stories, hear about things people hate, and discuss your unfortunate experiences with the Sweater Curse. Download your NNN Wrapped certificate in the links section of our website. Click this to buy The NOT Golden Zero! (so that Tim runs out of stock) Contribute at hello@nonewnotifications.com  NNN Official App (Android & iOS) : Download Visit our website if you're that kinda person www.nonewnotifications.com Opening Music (Arranged, Produced, Mixed and Salted) by Jonathan Wesley at www.jonathanwesleymusic.com  

54m 24s  ·  Dec 16, 2021

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