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Republic Book IX EP 22 (Final Episode) Tyranny and the Tyrannical Soul

Understanding Plato

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Episode  ·  1 Play  ·  25:43  ·  Nov 23, 2021


We have come to the end of Plato's Republic and the end of the podcast. In the final episode, Socrates satisfies Glaucon's challenge to show that a just state is always preferable to an unjust state and being a just person is always better than being unjust. He has previously described the just and unjust governments (kingship and aristocracy) and corresponding souls. Socrates now contrasts them to each stage of the degradation of the city-state and soul, concluding with a discussion of Tyranny and the tyrannical soul. The conclusion is that kingship and aristocracy are always preferable to any other type of government or soul, especially tyrannical states and souls.

25m 43s  ·  Nov 23, 2021

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