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Paying Big Tech for Privacy, New Privacy Policy Study, Biden's Executive Order on AI

Shared Security

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Episode  ·  24:10  ·  Nov 20, 2023


In this week's episode of the Shared Security Podcast, hosts Tom Eston, Scott Wright and Kevin Johnson tackle a number of topics related to AI, privacy and security. They begin with an amusing discussion about their respective roles on the podcast, before shifting to big tech's use of user data and whether subscribers should pay to not have their data used. The focus then turns to a recent move by Meta to charge European users who wish to use Instagram and Facebook without ads. Next, they touch on new research from NordVPN about the burdensome length and complexity of privacy policies on popular websites, and offer alternatives for consumers to navigate them.  Lastly, the hosts discuss a new executive order by the Biden administration directed towards AI companies, calling for a watermark system to alert consumers when they interact with an AI-enabled product. They express concerns about businesses benefiting from the new AI rules while potentially stifling competition and highlight the need for stronger, enforceable laws to truly protect users' data and privacy. Show notes: https://sharedsecurity.net/2023/11/20/paying-big-tech-for-privacy-new-privacy-policy-study-bidens-executive-order-on-ai/

24m 10s  ·  Nov 20, 2023

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