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Natalie Kortum | Chief Technology Strategist for Data Analytics and AI, Teleworker

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Episode  ·  38:57  ·  Feb 28, 2024


In this week's episode, Lauren and Natalie Kortum share a discussion about teleworking, taxes, and legal obligations while working remotely for domestic or international businesses when overseas. Natalie shares how she successfully negotiated teleworking with her employer, the importance of portraying confidence in teleworking negotiations and how to communicate in a way that reassures the corporate tax and HR offices. They cover the importance of post selection, internet availability, and impermanence.Natalie Kortum is Chief Technology Strategist for Data Analytics and AI working to develop the next great solutions from Dell. She is renowned in the world of marketing analytics for skills in investment optimization having optimized Dell’s $1.2 B marketing spend for multiple years. She has worked for a multitude of companies from all different verticals including Humana, IBM, Home Depot, BP, Sabre, Charles Schwab with 20 years spent in the data science and analytics space as an AI/analytics consultant and evangelist. She holds two US patents tor innovative modeling approaches and leads training efforts for Dell's internal salesforces to get them up to speed on AI.Connect with Natalie at LinkedInOr her WebsiteDownload the Sample Letter mentioned in this episodeMore resources on TeleworkingOfficial instructions from the GCLOFall 2023 FAMER statisticsThis episode is sponsored by Career ValetEFMs have many different career paths – really too many to count: travel enthusiast, embassyworkhorse, dog mom, children organizer, remote work trailblazer…But the one thing that we almost all have in common? Our paths aren’t straight orstraightforward. And often it takes someone else to help us tease out our strengths, skills, andvalue.That’s what they do at Career Valet, an EFM-owned and entirely EFM-staffed careerconsultancy that works with you to tell your best narrative on paper and online, aligned withtarget jobs. They’ve worked with EFMs, FSOs, members of Congress, Fortune 100 leaders,nonprofit, and technology professionals, just to name a few.Check out www.careervalet.com to read advice on their blog or subscribe to their newsletter.You can also sign up for a free call and learn about their customized packages and interactiveresume building course launching in March.It’s your story. They amplify it.Find Career Valet at their Website or on LinkedIn

38m 57s  ·  Feb 28, 2024

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