Moolah Talks - Financial freedom for women

Moolah Talks - Financial freedom for women



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Women traditionally shy away from finance because of their deep social conditioning that they will be taken care of by the men in their families.Research however shows that women outlive men and COVID has added another layer to this equation. It has never been more important for women to understand and take charge of their financial well-being. This podcast is here to educate and equip women with everything that they need to know and put into practice in order to design the life of their dreams and enjoy financial freedom. From mindset to managing money, from questioning the societal norms to breaking limiting beliefs, from smart investing to financial planning - we touch upon every topic that millennial women should be aware of when it comes to Money!Hosted by Meeta Gupta and Ritu Prasad, Founders of Moolah for Women, the podcast brings a novel theme in each of its seasons. Follow Moolah Talks wherever you are getting it and share it with a woman who needs to hear it today.

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