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Mel K Issues Dire Warning: A Second Biden Term Will Usher in Complete Totalitarianism | The Unfiltered Truth w/ Mel K & Jeff Dornik

The Jeff Dornik Show

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Episode  ·  1:03:11  ·  Apr 11, 2024


During this episode of The Unfiltered Truth, Mel K and Jeff Dornik expose the real plan being implemented to dismantle the United States of America, ultimately leading to the conquering of the entire planet. We are witnessing them doing everything they can to destroy Donald Trump and the MAGA Movement, weaponizing the government against Trump and his supporters. We have to remember that this has less to do with Trump and everything to do with world domination… it’s just that Trump stands in the way of their plan to conquer America and the USA stands in the way of their ability to conquer the planet. Mel warns that if Biden gets a second term, complete totalitarianism will be implemented. They are already working at several different strategies to ensure Trump never steps foot in the White House again, and if he does he’s met with such great resistance that he can’t really do anything. How do we combat this? Waking up the masses. Focus on exposing this globalist cabal and their Deep State operatives. Expose their evil agenda, contrasting it with the truly principled America First agenda. That comes by engaging with those within and outside of our political circles.Subscribe to Freedom First Network on Rumble to watch all of our shows LIVE: https://rumble.com/c/freedomfirstnetworkElevate your meals with Freedom First Beef… even if you find yourself in the middle of the apocalypse! Use code TRUTH15 for 15% off and enjoy high-quality beef whenever you crave it – today or tomorrow! https://freedomfirstbeef.comBe ready for anything life throws your way with The Wellness Company's Medical Emergency Kit. Order today using code TRUTH10 for a 10% discount at https://twc.health/ffn.Protect your financial future with precious metals! Schedule your consultation with Our Gold Guy today and take control of your financial destiny! https://ourgoldguy.comUnleash the spirit of liberty in every cup with Freedom First Coffee's Founders Blend. Order now using code TRUTH10 and savor the unparalleled taste of freedom in every patriotic sip. https://freedomfirstcoffee.com

1h 3m 11s  ·  Apr 11, 2024

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