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Leadership Lessons From The Great Books #85 - Orwell, de Quincey & Frye On Literature, Language and Leadership w/Tom Libby

Leadership Lessons From The Great Books

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Episode  ·  1:50:56  ·  Nov 29, 2023


Orwell, de Quincey & Frye On Literature, Language and Leadership w/Tom Libby---00:00 Welcome and Introduction - Orwell, de Quincey & Frye.05:37 Grandma's Word, Spirals, Twisted Prose, Jargon Use.  11:32 Balancing Formal and Informal in Remote Work.  20:55 Sales and Marketing Consultant Cutting Words. 24:51 Mixed Metaphors, Code, and Communication in Leadership. 31:51 Misunderstanding the Meaning of the Term "-Ism."35:43 Leaders Delay Reaction, Gather Thoughts, and Then Respond Strategically. 38:40 Politeness, Authenticity, and Communication in Modern Culture.47:49 How can Leaders Balance Politics and Reality within Small Brands.49:56 Leadership Challenges of Discussing Sex, Religion, and Politics Today. 58:24 Orwell's Writing and Understanding WWII.01:04:32 Literature Beyond Providing Information.01:13:23 de Quincey on Owing Power to Milton's Writing.01:22:02 Modern Society Appears Natural.01:22:50 Conformity in Society and Literature's Conventions.01:37:29 Literature and Music Provide Well-Rounded Perspectives.01:46:30 Staying on the Leadership Path with Orwell, de Quincey & Frye.---Opening and Closing theme composed by Brian Sanyshyn of Brian Sanyshyn Music.---Pick up your copy of 12 Rules for Leaders: The Foundation of Intentional Leadership NOW on AMAZON!Check out the 2022 Leadership Lessons From the Great Books podcast reading list!---Check out HSCT Publishing at: https://www.hsctpublishing.com/.Check out LeadingKeys at: https://www.leadingkeys.com/Check out Leadership ToolBox at: https://leadershiptoolbox.us/Contact HSCT for more information at 1-833-216-8296 to schedule a full DEMO of LeadingKeys with one of our team members.---Leadership ToolBox website: https://leadershiptoolbox.us/.Leadership ToolBox LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ldrshptlbx/.Leadership ToolBox YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJvVbIU_bSEflwYpd9lWXuA/.Leadership ToolBox Twitter: https://twitter.com/ldrshptlbx.Leadership ToolBox IG: https://www.instagram.com/leadershiptoolboxus/.Leadership ToolBox FB: https://www.facebook.com/LdrshpTlb

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