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Krystina Arielle - ATGLive January 11, 2024

Around the Galaxy

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Relive the magic of the sensational world premiere episode of ATG Live! Join hosts Pete Fletzer, Nick Mielke, and Chris Ryons as they take you back to the electrifying live extension of the acclaimed Around the Galaxy podcast. This replay promises to bring back the excitement of the galaxy's latest Star Wars news, scintillating commentary, exclusive guest appearances, and interactive viewer segments that once again take center stage! Dive into the heart of the Star Wars universe once more as the hosts revisit the cosmic journey filled with insights, excitement, and surprises! In this replay, experience the captivating discussion with Krystina Arielle, known for her role on StarWars.com's High Republic show. Delve into the anticipated Star Wars developments of 2024 with Krystina as she shares her perspectives on what lies ahead in this epic franchise. The excitement continues as you get a second chance to engage with the hosts during the live show. Share your Star Wars hopes and dreams for the upcoming year, and relive the incredible conversation with Krystina Arielle. Original Date: Jan 11, 2024 Watch the Replay: https://www.youtube.com/live/0EPow4l99_s?si=kfXbYBD99IbNxeaiLeave us a voice mail for next week's show! 504-321-1501Around the Galaxy Podcast: ATGcast.com Follow us on social media for updates: @ATGcastRelive the unforgettable galactic experience as ATG Live takes you back into the Star Wars future! Engage with fellow Star Wars fans, revisit the excitement, and immerse yourself once again in this epic replay.www.TheSSWNetwork.comYouTube.com/@TheSSWNetworkTwitter: @ATGcastEverywhere else: @TheSSWNetwork(c) 2024 Pete in the Seat Studios#ATGLive #StarWars #HighRepublic #KrystinaArielle #StarWarsFans #Podcast #StarWarsTalk #FanCommunity #News #Commentary #Guests #InteractiveShow #GalacticAdventure #PremiereEpisode #AroundTheGalaxy #PeteFletzer #NickMielke #ChrisRyons #LiveEvent #WorldPremiere #YouTubePremiere #StarWars2024 #StarWarsFuture May the Force be with you!

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