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Krishna talks about, 'No one is perfect'

Krishna - The Supreme Soul

Episode   ·  30,620 Plays

Episode  ·  30,620 Plays  ·  1:50  ·  Mar 30, 2021


Krishna says that, Every person in the world has some kind of weakness. For example, few people cannot run very fast, and few people cannot carry much weight. Someone is suffering from incurable disease, and then someone is unable to memorize the studies. There are many more such examples. Do you know someone who has everything? And we make that one weakness of our as the center of life. Sadness and dissatisfaction always remain in the heart. Weakness is attained by birth or by worst incident. But a man makes his weakness as his limits. But there are some people who, by their effort and labor, defeat that weakness. What is the difference between them and other people? Have you ever considered that? The answer is simple. A person who is not defeated by dependence, who has the courage to make effort in the heart, he overcomes weakness. Meaning, God gives weakness, but dignity, dignity is made in the mind of the man

1m 50s  ·  Mar 30, 2021

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