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Krishna talks about, 'Let Childrens decide their own path in life'

Krishna - The Supreme Soul

Episode   ·  43,267 Plays

Episode  ·  43,267 Plays  ·  2:36  ·  Apr 20, 2021


In this episode, Krishna says that children should give freedom to choose their own path in life. He says that father always wishes for the happiness of his children, they keep worrying about their future. For this reason, they keep trying to decide the future path of their children. The path on which the father himself has walked, the path of difficulties which he itself has seen, the shadow of the path, the hunger of the path, which he had seen and realized, His son should follow the same path, this is the desire of every father. This is undoubtedly the best feeling. But we forget to consider some questions. First question, don't every route change over time? Doesn't time always bring new challenges? Then how the experience of the past can give benefit to the new generation? Second question is each child an image of its parents? Yes, parents do give moral values to children, but but the inner potential, inner capacity, that God himself gives. So the path on which the father has got success. Is there a believe that the son will also succeed and get happiness on the same path? Third question, are the struggles and challenges of life not profitable? Doesn't every new question open the new door to the solutions? Then keeping the children away from new questions, challenges and conflicts What would it be like to do profit for them, or to harm them? That is, in return for creating the future of the children, It is best to build his character. In the same way, instead of deciding the path of the future of the children, providing good morale and giving knowledge to them will not be more profitable to cope them with new difficulties and challenges? Think by yourself!

2m 36s  ·  Apr 20, 2021

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