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Krishna talks about, 'Justice, Revenge and Dharm'

Krishna - The Supreme Soul

Episode   ·  30,720 Plays

Episode  ·  30,720 Plays  ·  2:08  ·  Apr 4, 2021


In this episode, krishna talks about what is Justice, revenge and Dharm. He says that when a person experiences injustice in an event, then that incident shakes that man through internally. The whole world seems to be his enemy. The larger the event that is unjust, the more the heart of man resists. In response to that incident, he asks for justice and it is also worthy. In fact any kind of injustice in the society destroys the faith of the person towards society. But what is this justice? What is the meaning of justice? The wrongdoer should repent of his work and trust place again in the mind of the other sufferer, towards society. But one who does not have 'Dharm' in his heart adopts hatred and vengeance, except for justice. Instead of non violence, he carries with it a feeling of violence. He tries to give more pain to others than he himself suffers. And the one who suffers injustice while walking in this path, starts doing injustice and soon becomes a criminal. That is, there is very little difference between justice and vengeance a this difference is called as dharm.

2m 8s  ·  Apr 4, 2021

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