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Krishna talks about, 'Decision based on others suggestions'

Krishna - The Supreme Soul

Episode   ·  36,161 Plays

Episode  ·  36,161 Plays  ·  1:48  ·  Apr 9, 2021


In this episode, Krishna says that At the moment of decision, we always make any other suggestion, advice or advice as our base and our future is based on our decision taken today. So is our future a result of someone else's advice, someone else's suggestion? So is our entire life the result of someone else's intelligence? Have we ever considered? Everyone has the experience that different people give different advice in the same situation. The devotee standing in the temple says that one should donate, and the thief says that if get an opportunity, steal the makeup of this idol. One whose heart is filled with dharma, gives him a good suggestion but one whose heart is filled with adharm, gives advice full of wrongdoing. Accepting the suggestion in which dharma resides only leads a man to happiness. But it is possible to accept such advice only when there is dharm in the heart of man. That is, before accepting someone's suggestion or advice, establishing Dharm in our heart is not necessary? Think about it.

1m 48s  ·  Apr 9, 2021

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