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Krishna talks about, 'Acceptance in relationship'

Krishna - The Supreme Soul

Episode   ·  28,628 Plays

Episode  ·  28,628 Plays  ·  1:56  ·  Apr 4, 2021


In this episode, Krishna says that from the beginning of time, one question always hurts man that how can he achieve maximum happiness and least sorrow in his relationship? He says that has any relationship brought you complete satisfaction and think about it. Our life is based on relationships, our security is also based on relationships. For this reason, the basis of all the pleasures of our life is also relationships but why do we still get most of the misery in relationships? Why do conflicts always arise from relationships? Have you ever thought about it. When a person does not accept the thought or action of another person and tries to change it, then conflict arises. That is, the greater the rejection, the greater the struggle and the greater the acceptance, the greater the happiness! Is this not the reality? If humans themselves control their expectations. Try to change their thoughts from within, trying to test their thoughts and not trying to change some other person then is it so difficult to find satisfaction in relationships? That is, is the acceptance not the actual meaning of the relationship?

1m 56s  ·  Apr 4, 2021

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