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Jon Bailey - Epic Voice Guy

Around the Galaxy

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Episode  ·  46:18  ·  Jan 11, 2024


Join us in this electrifying episode as we unveil the master behind some of the most iconic voices you've heard but never seen. This week, we're thrilled to sit down with the legendary Jon Bailey, the genius behind the Epic Voice Guy persona.Have you ever wondered about the voice guiding you through the thrilling Honest Trailers on YouTube? That’s Jon. Ever marveled at the epicness of How it Should’ve Ended? Again, that's Jon. But his talent stretches far beyond the digital realm. You've unknowingly heard him breathe life into characters like Shockwave in Bumblebee and Optimus Prime in beloved video games.In this riveting conversation, Jon takes us behind the scenes, sharing his experiences working on Star Wars projects, his deeply personal journey contributing to the Transformers universe, and the unique lens through which Honest Trailers has shaped his movie-watching experiences.Discover the man behind the voiceovers you love, as Jon reveals anecdotes, insights, and the incredible impact of his work on some of the most iconic franchises in entertainment. Prepare to be captivated as he pulls back the curtain on his craft, taking us on an unforgettable journey through the captivating world of voice acting.Tune in as we dive into the untold stories and mesmerizing talents of Jon Bailey - a voice you've undoubtedly heard, but finally get to meet.May the Force of his Epic Voice be with you.www.TheSSWNetwork.comYouTube.com/@TheSSWNetworkTwitter: @ATGcastEverywhere else: @TheSSWNetworkMusic by Apollo's Ghosthttps://open.spotify.com/artist/3xeCJQ3XSbWKFHykNtapij?si=mXqFvZKGRfawo7N3L8AxlQ(c) 2024 Pete in the Seat Studios#EpicVoiceGuy #VoiceoverMaster #StarWarsInsights #TransformersJourney #BehindTheMic #IconicVoices #HonestTrailersImpact #MovieMagic #VoiceoverTalent #FranchiseStories #BehindTheScenesChat #EntertainmentSecrets #VoiceActingWorld #UnveilingTalent #MovieMagicRevealed #JonBaileyInterview #CharacterVoices #IncredibleCraft #HiddenTalents #PodcastDiscoveries

46m 18s  ·  Jan 11, 2024

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