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Is My Boss Spying on Me, Instagram Painting Scam, Kia and Hyundai TikTok Challenge

Shared Security

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Episode  ·  20:53  ·  Oct 2, 2023


In this episode, we explore the growing trend of AI surveillance in corporations, where cutting-edge technology is used to monitor employees, optimize productivity, and raise ethical concerns. Next, we uncover a disturbing Instagram scam that lures unsuspecting victims into a trap, highlighting the deceptive tactics employed by cyber criminals on social media. Finally, discover the startling vulnerabilities in Kia and Hyundai vehicles that make them easy targets for car thieves. We discuss the security flaws, the scale of affected vehicles, and practical steps owners can take to protect their cars. Find out how manufacturers are addressing this issue and what it means for your vehicle's security. Show notes: https://sharedsecurity.net/2023/10/02/is-my-boss-spying-on-me-instagram-painting-scam-kia-and-hyundai-tiktok-challenge/

20m 53s  ·  Oct 2, 2023

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