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Investing in Quantum Computing: VC's Perspective with Ion Hauer from Apex Ventures

Understanding VC

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Episode  ·  1 Play  ·  54:24  ·  Aug 15, 2023


In this episode we discuss00:00:00 Introduction to Quantum Computing and Challenges00:06:00 Quantum Computing Basics00:10:45 Hardware Architectures and Quantum Systems00:15:14 Progress and Challenges in Quantum Computing00:21:44 Quantum Cryptography and Security00:25:39 Challenges and Adoption of Quantum Computing00:30:43 Quantum Computing's Business Applications00:31:43 Investment in Quantum Computing00:32:16 Hybrid Approach and Quantum-Classic Interaction00:34:38 Human Influence on Quantum Outcomes00:38:55 VC Funding for Quantum Startups00:42:17 Risks and Assessment of Quantum Startups00:50:41 Challenges and Future of Quantum Computing00:52:07 Advice for Those Interested in Quantum ComputingAboutIon is a Principal at APEX Ventures, where he invests in European early-stage deep tech startups in the areas of quantum technologies, future computing, space and AI.He brings over 12 years of experience at the intersection of technological breakthroughs and financial capital. He has a PhD in quantum physics from Heidelberg University and has previously worked as Chief Operating Officer at GlassDollar, VP Corporate Venturing at Bosch and Management Consultant at Oliver Wyman, while actively angel investing and mentoring startups for many years. He supports companies in fundraising, talent acquisition and strategic partnerships.A passionate technical and rescue diver, Ion is based in Munich, Germany, with his wife and son.

54m 24s  ·  Aug 15, 2023

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