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Incredible Photography Tools Behind Perfect Colors

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Episode  ·  9:37  ·  Oct 18, 2023


Discover the fascinating journey of photographer Scott Wyden Kivowitz, as he overcomes obstacles in his photography business on the latest episode of Workflows. In this episode, Scott shares how he tackled challenges arising from his color blindness, and the innovative tools and workflows he leveraged to ensure accurate and consistent colors in his photographs.- Join host Scott Wyden Kivowitz as he opens up about his struggles with dyslexia, color blindness, and anxiety, and how workflows became his rock.- Learn how Scott's professor in college and the introduction of digital tools helped him achieve accurate color in his prints and edits.- Uncover the game-changing tools Scott utilized to ensure precise color calibration in-camera and during post-processing.- Learn about the invaluable role his wife played in ensuring accurate colors in his work."The most amazing part is that Lite Personal AI Profiles learn from you over time. It's a way for anybody and everybody to get started with Imagen" - Scott Wyden KivowitzTune in to this insightful episode of Workflows and learn how Scott Wyden Kivowitz conquered colorblindness to become a successful photographer. Subscribe now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast platform to never miss an episode.(00:00) - 027 (01:26) - Introduction (01:30) - Colorblindness Struggles (01:53) - Career Trajectory Change (03:13) - Tools for Accurate Color (04:08) - Calibrating Monitors (04:47) - The Magic of Wife's Color Perception (05:26) - Imagen's Lite Personal AI Profiles Key Lessons:1: Overcoming Colorblindness - Discover Scott's personal experience as a colorblind photographer and how it initially posed challenges in their career.2: Assistance from Professionals - Learn how Scott's college professor guided them in the darkroom and later in Photoshop to achieve accurate color representation.3: Essential Tools for Color Accuracy - Explore the tools Scott relied on, such as the ColorChecker Passport and ColorMunki, to calibrate colors in-camera and on their monitors.4: Leveraging a Unique Perspective - Find out how Scott's wife, with her extraordinary ability to perceive colors, became an invaluable resource in ensuring accurate color reproduction.5: Introducing Lite Personal AI Profiles - Dive into an exciting new technology that allows photographers to create personalized AI photo editing profiles based on their preferred Lightroom presets, resulting in dynamic and intelligent adjustments.Join the Imagen Community and share your photo editing struggles with other Imageners. Learn from each other's experiences and enhance your photography workflows. Join the Imagen Community on Facebook to continue the discussions between episodes.If you want to smooth the skin of your photos within Imagen, the time has come. Smooth Skin is here. You can craft the perfect balance of natural beauty with discreet adjustments until you reach your desired goal. As always, you're in complete control; adjust and customize smoothness, texture, clarity, and sharpness to reflect your unique style. It seamlessly integrates into your editing process with a single click to ensure a quick and efficient path to flawless polished complexions. Open the Imagener app to try Smooth Skin today.  

9m 37s  ·  Oct 18, 2023

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