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Hand Embroidery Artist, Writer, Podcast Host & Fashion Label Owner Mara Girone

Superfan Attraction: Personal Branding for Artists & Creatives with Diane Foy

Episode   ·  5 Plays

Episode  ·  5 Plays  ·  56:10  ·  Mar 2, 2022


Can I be honest? Growth is not always comfortable. In fact, it’s usually not. When I started out as a coach for artists, musicians and actors, I had a lot to learn.Yes, I had already been in the arts and entertainment industry for 25 years; however, coaching is its own special skill. It took time to develop my unique process in helping artists authentically attract fans, media, and industry so that they can make a greater impact and income.But as I continue to build my business into what I’ve dreamt it could be, I’ve learned it’s during my biggest challenges that I grow the most. I mean, I had a full-on growth spurt when I got clear on the personality trait of my favourite clients.Multipotentiality!I am a multi-passionate artist so it makes sense that I have a special bond with other multi-passionate artists. I love hearing that a singer-songwriter also paints and makes jewelry or an actor also writes and wants to produce their own projects.I love that I can celebrate my own multiple talents in my coaching when I can draw on my photography, makeup artistry, and fashion background one day and my publicity, journalism, and marketing experience the next.I tell you this story to get you thinking, what challenges are helping you grow?Every artist is different, but my most successful clients have the following things in common:• They are open to explore, share & overcome the fear, self-doubt & limiting beliefs that keep them in their comfort zone• They are highly motivated and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their dreams• They know that there is no overnight success, slow and consistent progress is what prepares you for opportunities.If you can relate, but feel that you are missing the strategy on how to cultivate an authentic personal brand and attract an engaged audience of fans, media, and industry.I have great news for you. You can get started on your journey right now. I have given myself the challenge to give away 30 free introductory coaching sessions in 30 days. Book your session at dianefoy.com/booking and let’s explore your goals.You can do this!My guest today is Mara Girone, a hand embroidery artist, writer, podcast host, and proud owner of the fashion label Mara Girone Simple Sophistication. It is a fashion label of ‘powerful words you can wear’, specializing in sustainable, hand-embroidered, and hand-painted fashion. At the age of 8, Mara fell in love with hand-embroidery and regularly returned to this artform throughout her life. She could get lost in it for hours and although at the time she recognize it as such, she had discovered a powerful and effective form of meditation. From a young age, Mara never had just one answer to the ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’ question. She would say “I would like to be a writer and artist, traveling the world and meeting new and interesting people.” She was often met with comments like ‘she doesn’t know, she wants to be everything and nothing". But the real answer was that she was a multi-passionate artist. Today she can say that she has fulfilled and is living her dream. She has owned a publishing house, writes articles, and is working on a book. She is an artist creating for her own fashion brand and having exhibitions locally and internationally. Mara is also a podcast host for which she has the privilege to meet interesting and inspiring people every day. And by the way, she has lived in several countries and continents!I know that you will enjoy listening to our conversation. For links and a transcript visit dianefoy.com/079

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