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DROWNING PREVENTION-- Preparing Your Children for the Swim SeasonGC360 SEASON 2 EPISODE 5 Check out available services on https://www.gcnym.com. Use code GCNYM23 for 10% off media services. Located in Garden City, NY 11530. In this episode, the GC360 podcast delves into the vital topic of water safety and drowning prevention, with a particular focus on children and adolescents. Saf-T Swim Schools takes center stage as a key player in educating parents and caregivers about essential water safety strategies, including life jackets, supervision, lifeguards, and isolation fencing. Our guest, Bobby Hazen, a district manager at Saf-T Swim Schools, sheds light on the significance of swimming lessons for various age groups. The podcast emphasizes the importance of early water competency and introduces the "SPLASH" acronym for safety. Amidst the challenges of COVID-19, Safety Swim Schools adapts with rigorous safety protocols and continues to offer one-on-one swimming lessons to counteract drowning, a significant cause of child mortality. Their dedication extends to initiatives like the "Respect the Water" campaign, which virtually educates schools about water safety. The surge in home pool installations underlines the need for heightened vigilance and protection measures. Secondary isolation fencing is advocated as an additional safety measure. With 12 locations, Saf-T Swim Schools remains committed to personalized swim education and spreading water safety awareness. Their innovative approach extends to the "Respect the Water" campaign, aiming to prevent drowning incidents through education. Their commitment to growth and safety extends throughout the Northeast. For enrollment and further information, visit safetyswim.com and access water safety resources at enddrowningnow.org. BOBBY HAZEN QUOTES "Since 1984 Safety Swim has saved a lot of lives across Long Island" "We want a child to instinctively react to water in a positive way" "The key is educating the parents" FOLLOW BOBBY HAZEN Website : https://www.saf-t-swim.com/ LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/bobby-hazen-0b507368/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/saftswim/ #podcast #gc360 #nyc #prevention #podcastaddict #safetyfirst

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