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GC 360 season 2 episode 11 Dean Andy Atzert of Adelphi University, talks about the value of a college degree.

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Episode  ·  38:08  ·  Jan 18, 2023


Dean Andy Atzert of Adelphi University, talks about the value of a college degreeGC360 SEASON 2 EPISODE 11 Check out available services on https://www.gcnym.com. Use code GCNYM23 for 10% off media services. Located in Garden City, NY 11530. Exploring the multifaceted role of Andy, the dean of Adelphi University, reveals his commitment to providing education for adult learners and bridging educational gaps. He shares his diverse background and emphasizes the importance of being a "T-shaped person," possessing both specialized skills and broad communication abilities. Adelphi University's approach involves offering tailored programs, including completing bachelor's degrees, continuing education, and specialized master's degrees, all aligned with industry needs. The ongoing debate surrounding the necessity of a college degree prompts a discussion about adapting education to changing job landscapes. The focus is on efficient pathways, valuing practical skills alongside traditional degrees, and preparing students for evolving career demands. QUOTES BY DEAN ANDY ATZERT "I was so grateful for what education has done for me" "I lived in Thailand for 3 years.... I was a teacher of English as a second language" "In the US...between 36 to 40 Million adults who have some college but no degree" ABOUT ANDY ATZERT Website : https://www.Adelphi.edu/professional-continuing-studies/ Profile : https://www.adelphi.edu/faculty/profiles/profile.php?PID=0911 #podcast #gc360 #nyc #education #podcastaddict #longisland

38m 8s  ·  Jan 18, 2023

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