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Ep 206- A Bollywood State of Mind- Author Prof Sunny Singh INTV

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Episode   ·  1,196 Plays

Episode  ·  1,196 Plays  ·  57:36  ·  Oct 31, 2023


Watch the video version of this 200th episode on our Patreon page from 1$ Buy our New Katrina Kaif/Barbie T-shirt at our Red Bubble Store. Sign up to our new Khandaan Podcast Newsletter! Next issue is about to drop... This week we have an extra episode for our lovely listeners! Asim talks to Prof. Sunny Singh about her new book: A Bollywood State of Mind - available in all book stores! We had Sunny on all the way back during our Thugs of Hindostan review so it was a joy to delve a little into her book and mind. She sent us a copy before our chat and we absolutely loved the book. Here is a summary: A Bollywood State of Mind is a personal, intellectual and emotional journey which crosses five continents and 50 years of modern Indian history and cinema and explores why Bollywood means so much to so many across the globe. Sunny describes how this exceptional cinema retains its hold on the national imagination, how Bollywood has enhanced India’s global standing in the 21st century, and how its characteristics endure despite the social and political changes.Ranging over history, aesthetic theory and politics, A Bollywood State of Mind explores encounters with Bollywood in the market places of Dakar and Marrakesh, in the nightclubs of New York, Barcelona and Mexico City, and in the ruins of Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, Petra and beyond. It shows how the pioneers and heroes of Bollywood cut across national, linguistic and cultural lines not only in India but in far reaches of Somalia, Peru, Malaysia and Russia. The book is available here if you do decide to buy it, do drop her a message on her twitter/X If you are in the UK you can also join her in one of the following venues for her book tour.   Show notes: Follow us on Socials: Amrita, Sujoy, Asim YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok Sujoy's Instagram  Amrita's YouTube Book Channel- Amrita By The Book You can listen to Khandaan- A Bollywood Podcast episodes on the following apps: Apple Podcast Spotify Jio Saavn Deezer Audible Amazon Music Omny iHeart TuneIn

57m 36s  ·  Oct 31, 2023

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