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EP 09 - Bharat

Ramayan Ke Paatra

Episode   ·  894 Plays

Episode  ·  894 Plays  ·  14:21  ·  Mar 11, 2024


Learn the moving and selfless story of Lord Rama's devoted brother Bharat in this Ramayan Ke Patra tale. Though pressed to take the throne during Rama's exile, noble Bharat refuses out of duty and instead tirelessly works to set up Lord Rama’s sandals as a symbol of the rightful king. Discover how principled Bharat withstands years of waiting faithfully outside Ayodhya, earning the admiration of the kingdom for his visionary leadership style rooted in loyalty to dharma. Listen to this episode of "Ramayan Ke Paatra" on Audio Pitara's official app and all major audio streaming platforms.

14m 21s  ·  Mar 11, 2024

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