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EP 08 - Angad

Ramayan Ke Paatra

Episode   ·  675 Plays

Episode  ·  675 Plays  ·  13:48  ·  Mar 4, 2024


Get to know the exploits of Angad, the brave prince who plays a crucial role as envoy between Lord Rama and Ravana’s armies in this Ramayan Ke Patra tale. With immense strength inherited from his vanar warrior father Vali and wisdom earned through years of battle, Angad demonstrates time and again tremendous courage whether facing Ravana’s court or even setting his own tail ablaze. Discover what shaped this iconic warrior’s sense of dharma and dutiful service. Listen to this episode of "Ramayan Ke Paatra" on Audio Pitara's official app and all major audio streaming platforms.

13m 48s  ·  Mar 4, 2024

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