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EP 07 - Sugriv

Ramayan Ke Paatra

Episode   ·  797 Plays

Episode  ·  797 Plays  ·  12:41  ·  Feb 26, 2024


Learn the untold story of the Vanar king Sugriv, ally to Lord Rama, in this episode of the spiritual audio series "Ramayan Ke Patra." As Ayodhya prepares for grand Ram Mandir celebrations, hear captivating tales of Sugriv's exile and the eventual bond with Rama that led to the legendary rescue of Maa Sita. Discover the true personality behind this iconic warrior at the centre of the Ramayan era's decisive war. Listen to this episode on Audio Pitara and all major streaming platforms.

12m 41s  ·  Feb 26, 2024

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