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Does Working Out Really Help You Lose Weight? [ Explained by a Dietitian ]

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Episode  ·  8:41  ·  Jul 25, 2021


This audio article is based on an article, reviewed by Annette O'Neill, MS, RDN If you have ever asked yourself those questions, this article is for you! It doesn’t matter if you love your workout time or persistently intend to avoid exercise as a weight management activity. Knowing what happens to your body when you do sport is very important. Let's get started! 00:00 Intro 00:55 Does working out make you lose weight? 01:37 The advice from Annette O'Neill (Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist) 02:56 Annette O'Neill (Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist) says 03:12 Can you lose weight only with exercise? 03:14 Annette O'Neill (Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist) says 04:21 Why exercise doesn’t help weight loss? 06:13 Tip from Annette O'Neill 06:46 What are the benefits of exercise? 08:16 Conclusion You can read the full article at: https://rawbeautysource.com/does-working-out-really-help-us-lose-weight/ Follow RawBeautySource at Instagram.

8m 41s  ·  Jul 25, 2021

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