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Episode  ·  0:46  ·  Oct 8, 2022


Cryptozoology, or “cryptids” for short, has fascinated humankind for thousands of years, beginning as early as the 15th century BCE. While media has glamorized the field, drawing images of wild-eyed creature-hunters chasing anomalous beasts into the night, cryptozoology is really just the study of unknown, legendary, or extinct animals whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated.But reports of strange organisms don’t stop at the animal variety. Enter cryptobotany (sometimes also called cryptophytology), or simply the study of plant cryptids. Just like its animal counterparts, this field of study focuses on the bizarre plants of folklore and legend that have evaded scientific confirmation. While there may not be any captivating security camera footage or blurry photographs of these elusive plants, some reports are surprisingly compelling.To learn more, you'll need to Turn On, Tune In & Fnd Out!

46s  ·  Oct 8, 2022

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