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Cryptobotanic Creatures


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Episode  ·  1:11:37  ·  Oct 22, 2022


Last episode I introduced you to Cryptobotany in my Cryptobotany 101 class. You learned what Cryptobotany is and learned about 5 Cryptobotanical plants that like to eat animals as well as us humans. Those are 5 plants that you definitely want to stay away from. Tonight, I’ll be teaching Cryptobotany 102 – nature-based Cryptids. You’ll be learning about 5 Cryptids that are nature-based. By that I mean that these Cryptids are connected to Mother Earth in some fashion or maybe even sprang from the earth itself. I know the idea sounds kind of far-fetched, but then again, everything that I talk about on this podcast is far-fetched, so the idea that there are creatures out there who are closely connected to, or sprang from Mother Nature herself shouldn’t be a big surprise to you. To learn more, you'll need to Turn On, Tune In & Find Out!

1h 11m 37s  ·  Oct 22, 2022

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