Come Out From Among Them #5

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Come Out From Among Them #5



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'Do you always feel like people around you are holding you back? Is it hard for you to exercise your faith around certain places, things & people? Is it easier for you to experience the presence of God around certain friends, family? Are you aware of certain people you need to leave behind in order to experience the intimate relationship with God you desire? Scriptural Reference & Study: 2 CORINTHIANS 6:14-172 CORINTHIANS 6:15MATTHEW 7:13LUKE 10:19This weeks' message reminds us that we need to be aware of people we need to move away from in order to experience the power of God on a deeper level...and it's ok to do so; BECAUSE IT IS PART OF THE SANCTIFICATION PROCESS.A Special Mystery Shout of Thanks To:‘The people who have left me behind to do what they needed to do and to those who have helped me come out from among those that have hindered me'. -GCStewart***The Mystery's Challenge Of For Us All***‘Be honest with yourself about the areas in your life where YOU HAVE ALLOWED THE UNBELIEF AND DOUBT OF OTHERS YOU HAVE BEEN IN RELATIONSHIP WITH TO STIFLE YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH & MATURITY. Ask the Holy Spirit to renew your thinking in accordance with God, His word. way & will TO HAVE THE CONFIDENCE TO COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM.' Amen.Count Your Blessings & Expect a Miracle This Week!!!…..Be Encouraged & Keep Smiling! God is working….Thank you for being my friend….God Bless you….It Is My Privilege To Serve You….Let Us All Wake Up To ‘True’ Reality of the Love of God, His Spirit & Mind Within & Be Blessed….ALL QUESTIONS? CONCERNS? COMMENTS? SUGGESTIONS? ARE WELCOME!! GET AT ME OR LEAVE COMMENT!!Let’s connect to build a better me…..a better you…..a better world!!!!***AFFIRM***iIovemylife……BECAUSE I CAN EXPERIENCE MORE OF GOD WHEN I GET AWAY FROM OTHERS!!!TO SUPPORT THIS MINISTRY PLEASE CLICK BELOWwww.CenturionFaithMinistries.comGod Loves You…Trust Jesus Christ,Expect Success,“What you desire knows you desire it….It is only waiting for you to ACT!”-Evangelist GCStewartFor Comfort, Encouragement, Inspiration, Insight or Prayer:www.CenturionFaithMinistries.comTHANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE & CONTINUED PRAYERFUL SUPPORT

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