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Chapter-11 | विश्वरूप दर्शन | Cosmic Form of God | Bhagwad Geeta - As it is by Harish Tolani (Chikoo Bhaiya)

Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta - The Divine Song of God

Episode   ·  2,588 Plays

Episode  ·  2,588 Plays  ·  16:19  ·  Jun 2, 2022


To protect innocent people from imposters, Arjuna asks Krishna to prove His divinity by exhibiting His universal form – a form that anyone who claims to be God should be prepared to show. Krishna gives Arjuna divine vision by which to see the brilliant, glaring, unlimited universal form, which reveals, in one place, everything that ever was or now is or will be. Arjuna offers obeisances with folded hands and glorifies the Lord. Krishna then reveals that except for the five Pandavas, all the soldiers assembled on the battlefield will be killed. Therefore Krishna exhorts Arjuna to fight as His instrument and guarantees him victory and a flourishing kingdom. Arjuna requests Krishna to withdraw His fearful form and show His original form. The Lord then exhibits His four-armed form and at last His original two-armed form. Upon seeing the Lord’s beautiful humanlike form, Arjuna becomes pacified. One who is engaged in pure devotional service can see such a form. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/harish-tolani1/message

16m 19s  ·  Jun 2, 2022

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