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Coming Soon is Season 2 of "Career Uninterrupted," the podcast that delves deep into the challenges that lead women, especially mothers, to interrupt their career journeys. Hosted by Lochan Narayanan and presented by OfExperiences, this season is dedicated to unearthing the multifaceted issues that influence women's professional paths. From the crucial role of supportive ecosystems, including childcare facilities and involved fathers, to insights from mental health experts and career coaches, each episode strives to create a comprehensive dialogue with actionable takeaways."Career Uninterrupted" serves as a platform to bring together stakeholders impacting a woman's career trajectory, fostering a community that understands, empathizes, and advocates for uninterrupted careers for women. Join us on this empowering journey as we navigate the hurdles, celebrate victories, and collectively work towards ensuring that every woman's career remains resilient, dynamic, and uninterrupted.

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