Canadian English: Quirky, Eh?

Canadian English: Quirky, Eh?



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How to get familiar with the language that Canadians really use day-to-day? In this series "Canadian English: Quirky, eh?", we take listeners on a romp across Canada making small talk, recognizing signature foods, and navigating head-scratching grammar rules and colloquial expressions. We’ll have you sounding like a Canadian in no time!BRZ Group Inc., Canada, 2021Director: Christian PedersenProduction Coordinator: Ana Carolina BotelhoScriptwriter: Lauri RichardsonVoices: Eric Major and Lauri RichardsonVignettes: Robson DJ Estudio Website Production & Marketing: Creative TeamProject Management: Teresa Botelho"Canadian English: Quirky, EH?" is a podcast produced by Wave Canada and sponsored by the Canadian Periodicals Fund. It is a realization of BRZ Group Inc.

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