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Busting Photographers' Off Camera Lighting Misconceptions

Workflows - Photography Podcast

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Episode  ·  16:58  ·  Nov 16, 2023


Discover the truth behind off-camera flash misconceptions with award-winning wedding photographer Bill Stank on this enlightening episode of Workflows. Learn valuable insights to improve your photography skills and elevate your photography workflow!Bill Stank is an award-winning wedding photographer based out of Baltimore, MD and the Lehigh Valley, PA. He has been photographing weddings since 2012. He is a self-proclaimed Tikka Masala Enthusiast and lives with his partner, 3 dogs, a cat, and over 100 house plants.In this episode, Bill Stank debunks common misconceptions about off-camera flash in photography. From addressing the belief of not being capable of using off-camera flash to exploring the pros and cons of this lighting technique in various situations, Bill shares practical tips to help photographers master off-camera flash and enhance their photography workflow. "Don't forget to embrace the light that's there because it might be really beautiful." - Bill Stank(00:00) - 029 (01:26) - Introduction and Guest Introduction (02:40) - Bill's Introduction and Topic Overview (03:36) - Misconception 1: Off Camera Flash is Too Difficult (06:41) - Misconception 2: No Time for Off Camera Flash on Wedding Day (09:41) - Misconception 3: Off Camera Flash Always Improves Photos (12:58) - Misconception 4: Not Using Off Camera Flash Means You're Not a Professional (15:07) - Conclusion and Final Thoughts (16:11) - Host's Closing Remarks Key Lessons:- You can master off-camera flash with practice- On a wedding day, prioritize using techniques you're comfortable with- Understand the pros and cons of off-camera flash- Embracing natural light doesn't make you any less of a professional- Finding the balance between natural and added light yields exceptional results Join the Imagen Community on Facebook to continue the discussions between episodes.If you want to smooth the skin of your photos within Imagen, the time has come. Smooth Skin is here. You can craft the perfect balance of natural beauty with discreet adjustments until you reach your desired goal. As always, you're in complete control; adjust and customize smoothness, texture, clarity, and sharpness to reflect your unique style. It seamlessly integrates into your editing process with a single click to ensure a quick and efficient path to flawless polished complexions. Open the Imagener app to try Smooth Skin today.  

16m 58s  ·  Nov 16, 2023

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