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Amplification with Dr. Katherine Iscoe

Eating Your Cake Too Podcast

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Episode  ·  30:27  ·  Feb 28, 2023


Amplifying your voice and being unapologetically yourself is one of the most powerful and impactful tools a person has. We often hear the advice "just be yourself, and it will be fine.", but no matter how good it sounds, it just feels too good to be true. In reality, it is more complex, and just being yourself can feel like it won’t be enough to help us reach our goals, or establish good connections. But is it really the case?  Let's dive into today's episode with Dr Katherine Iscoe. A keynote speaker, author, board member, academic mentor, and former CEO of a dual-listed public company, her greatest love is connecting with people on a deep and 'filter-free' level. She is widely known for her humorous and relatable stories that help people realise: they are perfect just the way they are! Learn some tips in this episode from an expert and empower yourself to show up for who you really are.   Connect with Dr Katherine Iscoe  Website -  https://drkatherine.com/  Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/drkatherineiscoe/    JOIN THE WAITLIST for the 'Transform your Career' Accelerator - https://eatingyourcaketoo.com.au/transform-your-career/        

30m 27s  ·  Feb 28, 2023

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