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Know Why?

When ambition exceeds ability | Gaurav Singh

Failure Files by IDR

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Episode  ·  1 Play  ·  9:06  ·  Jun 16, 2022


What happens when an organisation’s ambitious plans exceed its ability to execute them? On today’s episode we have Gaurav Singh, co-founder of Slam Out Loud, a nonprofit using the arts to build communication skills in children from vulnerable communities. Gaurav talks about the time when he and his co-founder took on more work than they had the capacity to manage. With their attention spread thin across multiple areas, they ended up losing the project of their dreams. Gaurav Singh is a purpose-driven social entrepreneur with eight years of work experience in education and leadership development. He is the co-founder of Slam Out Loud and has been an entrepreneur incubatee at some of India’s most reputed social incubators. He was the winner of Unleash’s accelerator program in Shenzhen, China. He is also a certified action learning coach from the Action Learning Center, UK, and has shared his journey and learning through two TEDx talks and multiple leadership-based forums. Read more: Read Gaurav’s story on Failure Files. Read more failure stories on Failure Files. Check out some ideas and tools from Fail Forward to help your organisation take risks, learn, adapt, and fail intelligently. Understand why the social sector must recognise and talk about failure. Learn why talking about failure is crucial for growth. Want to share your failure story? Learn more about what we’re looking for here, and share your pitch/story on writetous@idronline.org The Failure Files podcast is produced by India Development Review (IDR), an online journal focused on the development sector. IDR publishes cutting-edge ideas, lessons, and insights, written by and for the people working on some of India’s toughest problems. To learn more, visit www.idronline.org

9m 6s  ·  Jun 16, 2022

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