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Trailer - No-Cost Extension

No-Cost Extension with Deval Sanghavi

Episode   ·  2 Plays

Episode  ·  2 Plays  ·  2:36  ·  Mar 8, 2021


It’s time for India’s philanthropy sector to step down from its pedestal, stop hiding behind lofty jargon, and have a frank conversation about what’s really working, and more importantly what’s not. After dedicating twenty years to the philanthropy sector, Deval Sanghavi, co-Founder of Dasra, is now on a mission to hold a mirror up to the country’s philanthropy sector and examine why even after so much innovation and investment, the inequality gap in India is ever widening.  No-Cost Extension releases in March 2021.  Produced by Vaaka Media. For more information go to dasra.org   

2m 36s  ·  Mar 8, 2021

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