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The King of Marketplaces with Fabrice Grinda of FJ Labs

Innovation with Mark Peter Davis

Episode   ·  29 Plays

Episode   ·  29 Plays  ·  1:16:29  ·  Mar 10, 2022


This week I chatted with Fabrice Grinda, Founding Partner at FJ Labs. FJ Labs is a VC that specializes in marketplaces and invests in every geography in every category at any stage. As Fabrice puts it they do angel investing at venture scale, meaning they don’t lead rounds but do a massive number of investments every year. Last year they made almost 200 investments. Fabrice is super interesting beyond being a VC. He’s been a serial entrepreneur for a couple of decades at this point and has interesting views on wealth and impact. He started what was essentially the ebay for Europe and then OLX, the Craigslist for the rest of the world. During our chat he shares some incredibly useful tips for entrepreneurs - especially for those who are interested in marketplaces. We talk all about his approach to venture capital, how FJ Labs operates and makes decisions and much more. Enjoy. Show Links: Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/fabricegrinda (@fabricegrinda), http://twitter.com/mpd (@mpd) Guest Links: https://fjlabs.com/ (FJ Labs) Guest Articles: https://fabricegrinda.com/episode-12-the-surprising-case-for-optimism-in-2020/ (Pandemic, Populism and Policy Failure – The Surprising Case for Optimism in 2020) Podcast Links: http://mpd.me (Website), https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCua7T3uyg6IQeSbYyNKT_Iw (YouTube), https://twitter.com/mpd (Twitter), https://www.facebook.com/innovationwithmpd (Facebook), https://www.linkedin.com/company/innovationwithmpd (LinkedIn)

1h 16m 29s  ·  Mar 10, 2022

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