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S01EP02: 'Patriarchy' ft Lavanya Mehra and Tasaffy Hossain

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Have humans always been patriarchal as a species? What were the cultural conditions that prompted the rise of patriarchy? How do you start talking to men about it? Listen to the full episode to find the answers to these questions! Catch your host Srilatha Batliwala in conversation with guests Lavanya Mehra and Tasaffy Hossain, as they uncover the origins of patriarchy and what it means to live in a patriarchal world.  Tasaffy Hossain is a freelance development professional and an advocate for human and gender rights. She is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh and has been working in private sector development for over 10 years. She is the founder of Bonhishikha - unlearn gender, which works towards a society where everyone is accepted irrespective of their gender: where they are given equal choice and right to opportunities. Lavanya Mehra is Manager, Programs and Innovation at CREA. Lavanya is involved in the South Asia Young Women’s Leadership and Mentorship (SAYWLM) program at CREA, an initiative working with 30 partner organizations in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. She has over 15 years of work experience in areas of organizational development, understanding organizational systems and structures and is deeply interested in issues of gender equality, masculinities, feminist leadership and feminist mentorship. Podcast Production: CREA and Sonologue Music: Icelandic Arpeggios by DivKid Read the full episode transcript here!

30m 5s  ·  Sep 19, 2022

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