PipemanRadio Interviews Sara Banta about Reverse Aging

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The Pipeman interviews Sara Banta. During this interview they are talking about reverse aging. Aging is a condition of metabolic diseases. Basic markers are 1 to 4 different things. Oxidative stress and inflammation. Insulin resistance and toxicity. Fluoride clouds the brain. Stem cells are markers for longevity. Stems cells decline by age of 25 and done by 70. Telomeres protect DNA. Telomeres can re lengthen telomeres. Stem cells produce dodder cells. Stem cell injections don’t always work. The wrong stem cells in the wrong part of the body can hurt you. X39 stem cell activation patches. GHK increase own stem cell production. Reset genes to your entire body. Helps repair cologne. Increase the amount of stem cells in your body. They look like band aides. Through studies improve of energy and increase of stem cells in 24 hours. Fasting, a hermetic stressor. Increases metabolism. ATP is an important number. Fasting will kill of diseases. My vital C is a ESS Carbon 60. Helps stop cancer cells in tumor growth. Protects the liver. All supplements’ Acanthi cleanse. Better mental clarity. Increases ATP Production. Increases from 2 to 36 ATPs. Other supplements clean up the heavy metals. Glutathione patch. Protects the brain. Increases the gladiation in 36 hours. Works with hearing loss and eyesight. Energy enhancer patch. In 15 minutes of wear increases ATPs. Increases the phase angle. Reduces inflammation. Increases endurance. Helps with digestion. Older you need more protein. Increases your growth hormone. Keep muscle mass up as you age. Carnitine patch helps with anti-aging. Approve flexibility and balance. Eion Patch is called the happy patch. Within 15 minutes takes you into anti stress mode. It takes you out of fight or flight. Stress accelerates aging. Elevates HGH in our body. Sleep is needed for anti-aging. Cold exposure increases cold shock proteins. Sauna increases hot shock proteins. Radiation with accelerate aging. Positively Pipeman is a Motivational, Business, Marketing, Empowerment & Inspirational segment of The Adventures of Pipeman Radio Show (#pipemanradio). The live show is broadcast live on W4CY Radio (www.w4cy.com), W4VET Radio, and K4HD Radio - Hollywood Talk Radio (www.k4hd.com) part of Talk 4 Radio (www.talk4radio.com) on the Talk 4 Media Network (www.talk4media.com). This podcast is also available on Talk 4 Podcasting (www.talk4podcasting.com).Positively Pipeman features international authors, speakers, trainers, & coaches here to help you in business & personal life with motivation, empowerment, inspiration, self-help, relationships, goal setting, belief, mindset, marketing, sales, and a journey to success, freedom, and happiness!

30m 46s  ·  Nov 19, 2021

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