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Hello and welcome to Mark Nolan's Podcast. This will come as no surprise to you but my name is Mark Nolan, and what I do is write Spanish news for English speakers, which is published in a number of websites and in print, I advise on Spanish Traffic Law as part of the N332 Road Safety Group, and, with a background in marketing, I work with companies to boost their brands. Oh, and I spent many years on radio!All of that kind of comes together here, in an audio form, as Mark Nolan's Podcast.So, what to expect. Each week I publish The SpanishVida Podcast, The Week Ahead, which is an advance overview of what is likely to be making the news headlines each week in Spain, the UK, and Europe, including markets, news, business and key dates. That usually comes out at a weekend, and you will find it here too.We also have Spain Today, which brings you the latest daily news from across Spain, along with other useful information such as traffic and travel forecasts, and occasional weather reports, as well as a few local events around Torrevieja and either side, Guardamar del Segura and the Orihuela Costa.I also do the N332 Podcast which is about driving in Spain and Spanish Traffic Law. I also answer your questions on that podcast too. The N332 Podcast is a monthly update.Finally, I do an occasional generic podcast, as I am then able to talk about the formal podcasts mentioned, but in an unscripted way, and throw in my own comments about pretty much anything that comes to mind, including some of my favourite stories of the week, and talk based mostly around the topics I mentioned, as well as my own occasional thoughts and feelings. Schedule Sunday 12:00 - The Week AheadMonday to Friday 08:00 - Spain TodayLast Saturday of the Month 12:00 - N332 UpdateSo, that's pretty much what I'm doing here. I'm glad you've come this far, and I am really pleased to have you along on this journey. If you would like to get in touch, you can email info@spanishvida.comIf you want to read any of the news or articles then here are some of the websites I work on and will where this little lot comes together.

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