How to become a total failure

How to become a total failure



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Welcome, dear friends, to the grand unveiling of "How to Become a Total Failure," a uniquely crafted audio experience that's sure to tickle your fancy and pique your curiosity. This interactive radio play, presented in glorious high-definition sound, offers an unconventional path to self-improvement. Each of the 10 episodes in this mini-series, masterfully produced by our diverse virtual team, guides you down the winding road to a purposeless and solitary existence - all with a dash of irony, of course. Our tongue-in-cheek advice, delivered in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, and Chinese, aims to invert traditional self-help wisdom. Disregard our tips, and you might just stumble into a fulfilling, happy life! From the plethora of cookie-cutter workshops promising happiness, our series stands out as a refreshing departure, woven with playful humor and sounds that bring the story to life. Dare to join us on this audacious journey?

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